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Envelope Flap Coin Pouch Card Holder (RFID)

  • Inspired by the elegant simplicity of the envelope, this wallet stores all your cards, coins and keys, expanding when you need more storage while staying slim when storing less. A special RFID-blocking lining protects your credit cards from fraud, making it the perfect travel wallet that also fits in your pocket and smaller everyday bags.

  • Materials
    - U.S full-grain Nappa cow leather 
    - Cotton blend herringbone lining
    RFID blocking lining
    - Hand-stitched oxblood thread binding
    - Gusset compartment fits coins, cash, keys and 10-15 cards
    - 2 exterior card slots
    - Packaged in our signature grey book box
    - (H)7.5cm x (W)10cm x (D)1cm

  • The Envelope Collection: The Transcendent Conveyor

    The Envelope may be seemingly ordinary, but its purpose and contents are quite the opposite. It is a scared messenger with a single-minded mission, no matter the journey, keeping its contents safe till it reaches its intended hands. It is a sealed door that reveals a hidden world between two parties, evoking much anticipation, mystery and excitement. Uncover letters between star-crossed lovers, a beautiful poem about birds, or perhaps a forgotten treasure map. Combined with its elegantly simple design, the Envelope Collection exudes an aura that transcends the realms of time and space travel.

Customer Creations

  • Envelope Flap Small Bifold Wallet (RFID) Leather Pink Personalised
  • Envelope _S.L_(3)
  • Envelope Card Holder Red Personalised Leather
  • Envelope Card Holder - Black Personalised
  • Envelope Card Holder - Taupe Personalised
  • Envelope Blue Card Holder Personalised

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