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Chelsea Tote (Reversible)

  • Inspired by the duality of "Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde", the reversible Chelsea tote was designed to offer two distinct looks in one bag. One side presents a lustrous nylon, which speaks of a collected Dr Jekyll, the other features a printed canvas, each motif testament to the unconventional ways of Mr Hyde.

    Both characters spar with their other selves via a message that is UV-printed on the inner base of the bag, a hint at the fine line that one might thread between the two contradicting personalities. Hyde expresses his urges to Jekyll with "Let me out!". In response, Jekyll says to Hyde, "That's enough!".

    Crafted for the modern lady on-the-go, conquer your work week and workouts with the classic and elegant Jekyll side. Then reverse her to unleash your inner Hyde as you traverse weekend festivals and tea-parties alike. Ultra-lightweight at less than 500 grams, it features a capacious interior, water repellant capabilities and USA full grain leather handles that will age gracefully with use.

    Limited Quantity - Only 33 pieces worldwide

    Also available in a web-exclusive colour here.

  • Materials
    - Full-grain U.S cow leather accents
    - Water-resistant PU-backed nylon
    - Water-resistant custom Maverick cotton canvas
    - YKK Japan Excella gold zippers

    - 1 main compartments, 1 zippered pocket, 2 interior slots
    - Fits a 13"/14" laptop or 15" Apple MacBook Pro (A1707)
    - Reversible (Flip inside out to reveal 2 contrasting looks)
    - Unique UV-printed "Let me out! - Hyde" and "That's enough... - Jekyll' at the base of the bag
    - Bookmark leather tag allows for personalisation
    - Signature oxblood hand-stitch details

    - 28.5cm x 35cm x 16cm
    - Capacity : 16.0 Litres

    - 0.5kg

  • Jekyll's Hyde - 1 Bag, 2 Sides

    A Robert Louis Stevenson classic modernised. Allowing one to freely embrace the two contending faces of man, one side presents a lustrous nylon, which speaks of a collected Dr. Jekyll, the other features a printed canvas, each motif testament to the unconventional ways of Mr. Hyde. Telling words UV-printed on base of the bag reveal their rivalry for control while constantly urging the desire to reverse to the other side.

    Unravel the full story here.

One Bag, Two Characters



A hidden conversation unfolds


UV-printed detailing lends a subtle nod to your inner duality

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